Inositol vs Gluten

The serotonin push from Respen-A Blended Chord is so great that we previously were stating that a small amount of gluten (about 1/4 to a whole wheat cracker, depending on the child) was needed every 1.5 to 2 hours throughout the day to keep up with the push.  We recently have discovered another avenue of keeping up with the serotonin push, besides supplementing gluten, and that is supplementing Inositol.

Inositol can be used in place of gluten and early reports show it may be superior.  500 mg to 1,000 mg a day has been adequate in the release of serotonin to keep up with the turnover stimulated by Respen-A Blended Chord.  Inositol is available in a powder or capsule from various manufactures.  It virtually is tasteless and dissolves well in water.  Early reports show that a once a day dosing has been adequate, but depending on the child, you may find that dividing the dose up into three servings a day may be beneficial.


Pro-biotic vs Pre-biotic for dysbiosis in the gut

Many parents have reported success in getting the calcium into their child by putting it in muffin mix, pancake or waffle mix.  Heating doesn’t appear to affect it. Many children continue on the probiotics with Respen-A and many have stopped the probiotics.  Research has shown that prebiotics such as FOS are more effective than probiotics in reversing dysbiosis in the gut.  The FOS is a soluble fiber made up of sucrose and fructose but the way they are bound, we can’t digest them but they are an excellent source of food for the bacteria in our gut.  If we feed the bacteria what they thrive on the best, the bacteria will multiply and through competition keep the yeast in check returning balance to the gut.  In fact science has calculated that if you were to feed one bacterial cell what it needed and removed its waste, within a 24 hour period, that one bacterial cell would multiply to create the mass of an aircraft carrier.  So you can see that when you feed the bacteria its optimal food such as FOS, there is no need to keep supplying bacteria such as in a probiotic.  The only time you don’t want to use FOS is if your stools are positive for Klebsiella which is a bad bacteria in the gut.  You would need to get rid of the Klebsiella before taking the FOS or else it will floursih as well on the FOS. 

 One important thing about taking FOS, don’t divide up the dose as directed on the bottle to get the optimal effect of FOS.  As the bacteria eat the FOS, they produce a protein that stimulates our bodies’ gene expression of two very important calcium binding proteins, calbindin D9k and calbindin D28k.  The calbindin D9k is needed for calcium and other mineral absorption from the intestines and calbindin D28k protects the cells from too much calcium influx into the cells that can cause exitotoxicity and result in inflammation and cell damage.  Whenever you are stimulating gene expression, the protein concentration must be within a finite range.  2,000 -3,000 mg of FOS must be taken all at once in order to get this protein produced by the bacteria in the finite range to stimulate the production of the calcium binding proteins.

No EFA’s with Respen-A

No EFA Supplements When Using Respen-A™ or Respen™ Spray

Many parents have inquired as to why the need to discontinue the EFA supplements such as Flaxseed oil, Primrose oil, Fish oils and Omega3 when using the Respen-A™ disc or Respen™ Spray. We have found that these oils, which contain a high concentration of polyunsaturated fats, will negate the effects of Respen-A™ and Respen™ Spray.

A possible explanation for this phenomenon is that the body works in ratios, and this is a means of checks and balances. Some of the ratios in the body are sodium to potassium, calcium to magnesium, copper to zinc, and even polyunsaturated fats to saturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats contain double bonds, which is what makes them maintain their liquid state when refrigerated. Polyunsaturated fats are structural components in the cell membrane making the cell membrane fluid and flexible. The cell membrane has an inner and outer membrane with protein channels that must be lined up between the outer and inner cell membranes so that they form a channel that transverses the cell membrane, allowing the cell to import and export things. If the cell membrane were too fluid, these protein channels would not be lined up and the cell would not be able to import and export efficiently. Thus, the cell membrane also has saturated fats in the cell membrane, which are straight chains with single bonds and act like ties or rebar that help maintain the structural position of the protein channels in the cell membrane.

The body tries to keep the polyunsaturated fats and saturated fats in a specific ratio. The body has no control over what we feed it, so if we ingest a large concentration of polyunsaturated fats such as what is in the EFA supplements, the body will burn the excess polyunsaturated fats, trying to bring it back into balance with the saturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats with double bonds create lipid peroxides when they are broken (metabolized) in the body. Lipid peroxides are neurotoxic and they inhibit monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A), which is the enzyme we are trying to boost with the reserpine in Respen-A™ or Respen™ Spray.

The best way to get a balance of saturated and polyunsaturated fats, is to eat whole foods such as meat, fish, and nuts as these contain both polyunsaturated fats and saturated fats in a ratio that is more balanced for our body.