Gluten Free Diet

Many children, with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, have seen benefit from a gluten free diet.  The scientific rationale for this benefit is because gluten stimulates serotonin production and mobilization (release).  In ASD there is a deficiency in MAO-A activity, resulting in a build-up of serotonin because MAO-A breaks down serotonin into it’s active aldehyde.  This build-up of serotonin inhibits oxytocin nerve growth, increases in cortisol production, and increases beta-endorphin production, all of which are seen in ASD.  So gluten compounds the problem by stimulating the gut to produce and release more serotonin into the blood stream.  This is why a gluten free diet has been beneficial to many children with a spectrum disorder.

The active ingredient in Respen-A is reserpine.  Research shows that reserpine will double the activity of MAO-A.  Thus by increasing the activity of MAO-A with Respen-A, the serotonin level is decreased and converted into its active aldehyde metabolite.  Because of this breakdown of serotonin by MAO-A, serotonin must be replenished, such as through eating meat or taking the supplement of L-Tryptophan daily.  We have found that in some children on a gluten free diet, just eating meat or taking L-Tryptophan, isn’t adequate after being on Respen-A.  These children often show improvement in the first month to six months of using Respen-A and then they start to exhibit a return of their symptoms or become withdrawn, depressed, and sad.   We find that these children have needed to add back into their diet a little bit of gluten.  The reason is, L-Tryptophan from meat is the precursor to producing serotonin.  The serotonin that is produced, is then stored in vesicles in the cell.  The serotonin must then be released or mobilized from these vesicles into the synapse (the nerve junction), where it can be converted by MAO-A to its active aldehyde.  Gluten triggers the mobilization and release of the serotonin from the vesicles.

About Respen-A
Researcher Elaine DeLack (founder, Neuro-Med) has developed a scientific theory for the cause of Autism, and developed a treatment that physicians and parents are trying with success. The Homeopathic Topical Treatment Respen-A is for the symptoms of impaired social interaction, impaired communication and repetitive behaviors.

8 Responses to Gluten Free Diet

  1. business says:

    Any thoughts?..I know that celiac related depression and anxiety issues abound but I am not so sure about their relation to serotonin levels. For some of us the drugs effects on the serotonin levels can make us much worse and lead to suicidal ideation and behaviors like cutting and even actual psychotic episodes.

    • Respen-A says:

      In celiac disease, I believe the inflammation in the intestines is due to the mast cells, that line the intestines, are on red alert due to possibly a mitochondrial issue. This mitochondrial dysfunction results in high unbound calcium levels that hypersensitize the mast cells. The mast cells then hail an immune response when stimulated by any foreign protein, such as gliadian and glutenin, which are the proteins found in gluten. This is why people with celiac cannot tolerate gluten. The enzyme in the mitochondria that becomes deficient is monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A). This is also the enzyme that converts serotonin into its active molecule. Without this conversion of serotonin into its active, a person will become depressed. We have found Respen-A, which increases the activitiy of MAO-A, to be very effective in depression, bipolar, autism and it may be effective in celiac disease as well, but I do not know if anyone has tried it for this condition.

      • Toni says:

        We may be able to give you feedback on this except now it has been re-formulated and the creator is saying we MUST have gluten every two hours. Not really going to work for a person with wheat allergy/possibly celiac?? 😦 Last gluten infraction resulted in a seizure.

      • Respen-A says:

        We understand your concerns, but please let me explain. The amount of gluten we are asking people to take is very small. It is 1/4- a whole cracker (depending on your body) every 1.5-2 hours. It may be that you would only eat total a whole wheat cracker in a day if you were a person that only needed the minimum amount every few hours. Also, children who were very gluten intolerant and started the Respen-A Blended Chord, started out at a 1/4 of a one inch square wheat thin every 2 hours and then overtime, were able to go up to 2/3rds of a wheat thin cracker. It appears these children are becoming less gluten intolerant. The reason behind this may be as the mitochondrial function improves with the increase in the MAO-A activity, less lactic acid is produced. This reduces the amount of unbound calcium that is hypersensitizing the mast cells in the gut. The high calcium influx in the mast cells causes the mast cells to over-react when they detect foreign proteins such as gliadin and glutenin that is found in wheat, resulting in an inflammatory response. Respen-A Blended Chord reduces the amount of calcium by increasing the MAO-A, therefore decreasing the hypersensitivity of the mast cells.
        The Respen-A Blended Chord appears to have a stronger effect in balancing the MAO-A:MAO-B ratio than just the Respen-A 4X did. This results in a greater turnover of the serotonin requiring a little more gluten in the diet to stimulate the release of more serotonin from the storage vesicles.

  2. Jerrad Kramer says:

    Synergism? or noy?
    would taking an mao inhibitor such as parnate be logical to take with reserpine? for example though reserpine would deplete the inbalanced catecholimines and seretonin…. for an an intended antihallucinatory effect, Parnate at the same time would artificially restore seretonin and catacholomine balance sumitaneously keeping antidepressant benefits…or not? would they cancel eachother out? Can the mao A inhibitor parnate and t mao B inhibitor selegiline be taken with reserpine? without reserpine diminishing the antideppressant and dopermerginic benefits of parnate and selegiline.


    • Respen-A says:

      First of all I apologize for t he delay in responding to your question. I just found your comment pending in my back office.

      MAO inhibitors work completely opposite of Respen-A. MAO inhibitors decrease the activity of MAO whereas Respen stimulates the activity of MAO-A. So if you were to take an MAO-A inhibitor such as clorgyline with Respen-A it would negate the effects of the Respen-A. The important fact to remember is that the catecholeamines and indoleamines (norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin and histamine) are not the active neurotransmitters but rather the aldehydes that are produced by the breakdown of these catecholeamines and indoleamines by MAO-A and MAO-B that are the active neurotransmitters.

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